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Seattle DUI Injury Lawyer

totaled car being towed after dui injury accident in Seattle Nick Major Law

A DUI injury lawyer¬†specializes in representing individuals who have suffered harm from car accidents involving drunk drivers. In Washington State, where the devastating effects of such incidents cannot be overstated, these legal professionals are indispensable allies. The role of a DUI injury attorney extends beyond the courtroom; they provide comprehensive support to victims dealing with […]

Vancouver, WA Car Accident Lawyer: What to Do After An Accident

car accident lawyer vancouver wa Nick Major Law

Vancouver, WA Car Accident Lawyer Car accidents in Vancouver, WA are a serious issue, with data indicating a high rate of pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries. In fact, pedestrian-vehicle collisions account for 26% of fatal or serious injuries. The intersection of Mill Plain Boulevard and Chkalov Drive has earned the notorious reputation as the most […]

Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer Tips: What to Do After An Accident

Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer Nick Major Law

Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer When a collision involving a large truck occurs, the consequences can be devastating. A Seattle truck accident lawyer specializes in navigating these often complex legal matters. We provide essential services such as: Legal Representation: Advocating for victims’ rights and pursuing just compensation. Expertise in Trucking Laws: Understanding federal and state regulations […]