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Insurance Bad Faith

An insurance bad faith lawsuit is a legal recourse for policyholders who believe their insurance company has acted unfairly or dishonestly in handling their insurance claim. In these cases, policyholders allege that their insurer has not fulfilled its contractual obligations in a reasonable and honest manner.

At Nick Major Law, we specialize in representing individuals and businesses in insurance bad faith claims. We understand that when you purchase insurance, you’re entering into a contract with the expectation that your insurer will act in good faith. When that trust is violated, we are here to help.

Insurance bad faith actions can take various forms, including unjustly denying a valid claim, unduly delaying payment without a legitimate reason, offering inadequate settlements, or misrepresenting policy terms to the policyholder. Our experienced team is dedicated to holding insurance companies accountable for their actions and pursuing the compensation our clients rightfully deserve.

In addition to seeking fair coverage for the original claim, we often pursue additional damages, such as attorney’s fees, to ensure that insurers are discouraged from engaging in bad faith practices in the future.

If you believe you’ve been a victim of insurance bad faith, Nick Major Law is here to provide the legal representation and advocacy you need. We will stand by your side and fight to protect your rights in insurance bad faith lawsuits.

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